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Our mission is to deliver innovative ultrasound tools to all healthcare professionals for their clinical exam.

Clinical need

From primary assessment to disease management, the patient’s journey involves several actors. Resources availability creates a bottleneck in patient workflow and implies delays as well as additional costs. These add to the burden of disease management, which becomes highly critical in chronic diseases. As an example, 80% of 65+ yo adults have at least 1 chronic disease.

Ultrasound is the only real-time non-ionizing assessment modality that can be used outside of radiology practice. It has already been adopted by several clinical specialties to enhance clinical exam and patient management. This has been illustrated by the continuous growth of ultrasound use in emergency medicine and anesthesiology.

Our first App targets the assessment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) by endocrinologists on patients with fatty liver. 


In 2000, ultrasound imaging started to shift from bulky hardware-based equipment to miniaturized Hand Carried Ultrasound.

In 2010, ultrasound imaging shifted from hardware-based to software-based systems.

In 2020, E-Scopics dematerializes software-based architectures with App-operated ultralight transducers.

Founders and Management

Claude Cohen-Bacrie

Claude Cohen-Bacrie

Founder and CEO

Founder & former Executive VP SuperSonic Imagine

Former Group leader Philips Research USA

François Maurice

François Maurice

Co-founder and CTO

System architect at SuperSonic Imagine


Thierry Nicolas

Thierry Nicolas


Former CFO Canal+ Group and Disney

Part-time CFO for medical imaging and technical startups

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