User Manual

Where can the User Manual be downloaded?
Please find Hepatoscope User Manual trough this link: Hepatoscope User Manual – E-Scopics

Where can I find the previous versions of the user manual ?
Please find the archived User Manual through this link: User manual Archives – E-Scopics


Where can the Hepatoscope App be downloaded?

The Hepatoscope App can be downloaded via the ES-Series App Store, which can be downloaded by visiting

There is an error message when I try to launch the Hepatoscope App.

The laptop needs to be restarted to complete Hepatoscope installation process. Please contact e-scopics support if the problem persists.

How can I recover my Hepatoscope credentials?

Forgotten Hepatoscope credentials cannot be recovered from E-Scopics.

If you are an Hepatoscope administrator you can delete other Hepatoscope users’ profiles and recreate them so they can get new credentials.

As an Hepatoscope administrator, contact E-Scopics support if you’ve lost your own credentials.

If you are a standard user of Hepatoscope (with no administration rights), please contact your Hepatoscope administrator.

Where can I find the credentials to sign in to the ES-Series App Store?

After your purchase, you have received an email containing your credentials and a link to download the ES-Series App Store. These credentials should be kept for potential future use.

Under which operating system shall the Hepatoscope App be used?

The Hepatoscope 2023 version shall be used under 64-bit Windows 10 or above operating systems.

 Who should be contacted to get support in relation to the Hepatoscope App?

E-Scopics’ support team can be contacted via the email address

Who should be contacted to get support in relation to the laptop used?

The laptop manufacturer support team shall be contacted. E-Scopics will not be able to support issues related to the laptop.

Why is the Hepatoscope App operating slowly, with delays during real-time imaging?

Please check first that the laptop is properly plugged to the main power AC supply, and that the power AC socket is well functioning. Please, test another electrical device on this same socket and/or test another power AC socket.

Can the e.C5-1 probe be hot-plugged/unplugged from the software host?

Yes. In such a case, please allow 1 to 2 seconds for the system to recognize the probe plugged as a USB device.

How do I report potential cyber-security vulnerabilities?

Coordinated vulnerability policy – E-Scopic

General Terms and Conditions of Use

At the time of first installation and first user connection, and before using the Hepatoscope App, the Terms of Use shall be reviewed and accepted.
Follow this link to review the Hepatoscope General Terms and Conditions of Use.