E-scopics 2023

EASL symposium Videos

Here are the 5 videos recorded during our industry symposium at the EASL 2023 congress. They will present you the product HEPATOSCOPE.

Table of content


       Claude Cohen-Bacrie, Founder & CEO, E-Scopics

   2. 2D-TE with point of care ultrasound imaging: a robust and reliable alternative for liver stiffness measurement

       Prof Victor de Lédinghen, Univ Hosp Bordeaux, France

   3.Meet one of the inventors of transient elastography: a 20-year journey of research and innovations in liver stiffness measurement

       Dr. Stefan Catheline, INSERM Lyon, France

   4.First line assessment of liver steatosis with ultrasound: the qualitative gold standard becomes quantitative and multiparametric

      Baptiste Hériard-Dubreuil, E-Scopics, France

  5.Practical experience with image-based quantitative ultrasound in diabetology: clinical cases
      Prof Cyrielle Caussy, Univ Hosp Lyon, France